Power. Fast, Electric Power.


Zeus Electric Motorsport is a high performance electric motorcycle racing and development team based at the Schulich School of Engineering. Specializing in proprietary, retrofit electric motorcycles, the team was founded in 2011 with a converted 1982 Honda CM400. The team grows substantially every year, and is known internationally as the first competitive zero-emissions motorcycle racing team established in Canada.


Choosing green power over petroleum for a stronger future and a sustainable way to race.

In an age of changing values and with ever-increasing attention being placed on the importance of emissions-free power and transportation, there is no better time for Zeus to educate and influence the academic and professional community with good, innovative engineering work.


Connecting through a love of speed and innovative power.

With lofty goals in mind such as the Isle of Man and bigger, better electric-class races and competitions, Zeus Electric Motorsport works tirelessly to achieve the greatest, one step at a time.